I love to code and I love Dungeons & Dragons. The Internet is awesome and so are you!

Most of my stuff is available for free and want to distribute everything as broadly as I can. Your support on Patreon helps me achieve this goal. If you manage in life, consider becoming a Patreon in order to help creating awesome stuff for people that are in troubled times.

What I do

I create modules for Foundry VTT, and some people say those are pretty awesome. While I love hearing that, I do love hearing criticims, too, and I am glad to have some of the best user-base I have ever experienced.

What you can do

Coding takes time. Besides working 40h/week on my regular job, I do have a dog with some medical issues, a wonderful, pregnant wife and some other social responsibilities that do need my attention from time to time. I love working on new releases, features, and fix bugs (well, that's not on the "10 things I really love to do"-List, I admit it), but it all comes at a cost: Sleep, well-being, being able do to other fun stuff (play DnD!).

Show your appreciation. Come and to and my Discord Server and say "Hi!". Meet friendly people, who love your hobby as you do.

Spread the word. Refer to my tools when talking to someone you appreciate. I would love to see those hours not being wasted and to know that they helped creating something amazing and fantastic.

Support the development on Patreon. Come and to and support my Campaign on Patreon.

Available Tiers

Three tiers are available to suit your needs

Cup of Coffee
$2 per Month
A token of appreciation. Takes me through a nasty bug in your favourite piece of software. This tier does not unlock anything and provides the same functionality as if not paying anything. You know that and still decided to chip in - that's great and deserves thanks!
Healthy Snacks
$5 per Month
Your contribution is invaluable and powers me through a night of coding. This tier unlocks importing all your licensed Monsters from D&D Beyondand saves you plenty of hours of prep-time and provides the absolute great feeling of always being prepared. For anything.
Endless Mana
$10 per Month
You are awesome and you know it. You could pledge at the 5$ tier and still receive the same benefits as the Healthy Snacks tier, but you decided to spend more to contribute to my campaign. You leave me speechless.