Installing a self-hosted Jitsi Server for Foundry VTT

Community member Luvolondon is currently creating a module that allows you to use Jitsi, an open source video conferencing system as a replacement for the included WebRTC Audio/Video system. Let's install our own Jitsi server!

This is awesome!

I don't know for sure!

Image Proxy - the why, and how

If you are using modules, you are probably working with images. vtta-tokens has the ability to download images directly from the internet and when you are importing monsters or scenes, vtta-ddb will store the references actor images and battlemaps on your server.

For some things, a proxy is required to access those remote images. Let's have a look on the "Why" and then solve the "How".

Status Report

Want to know the current status of the project and get a quick overview about what is currently happening or what will happen next? Read this post, which is regularly updated.