Installing a self-hosted Jitsi Server for Foundry VTT

Community member Luvolondon is currently creating a module that allows you to use Jitsi, an open source video conferencing system as a replacement for the included WebRTC Audio/Video system. Let's install our own Jitsi server!

This is awesome!

I don't know for sure!

Image Proxy - the why, and how

If you are using modules, you are probably working with images. vtta-tokens has the ability to download images directly from the internet and when you are importing monsters or scenes, vtta-ddb will store the references actor images and battlemaps on your server.

For some things, a proxy is required to access those remote images. Let's have a look on the "Why" and then solve the "How".

Status Report

Want to know the current status of the project and get a quick overview about what is currently happening or what will happen next? Read this post, which is regularly updated.

Getting started with

As the tools evolved, some instructions found on the internet or even on my YouTube channel are outdated and not accurate anymore. This primer will help you find the most recent onboarding tutorial in written form. And you will learn how easy it is to import your licensed content into Foundry VTT.