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Virtual Tabletop Assets - D&D Beyond Integration

Almost two years ago, I started working on getting characters from D&D Beyond into Foundry VTT. Since then, bits and pieces got attached to the original module, and it's shortcomings became more and more apparant. A fresh start is warranted.

D&D Beyond as a digital ressource is more valuable than ever: Encounter builder, searching, sorting and filtering of all the entities using a well-designed web interface plus the availability of the latest and greatest sourcebooks (not to mention the additions of errata straight into the content - invaluable).

The old and the new

I am often referring to the first and second iteration of tools.

In short: Whenever you see or read something that refers to "vttassets.com", "vtta-dndbeyond", then close the tab and search for new information ;)

Modularity goes a long way

The first iteration of tools was a monolith in many regards: The backend server was one big chunk of code, the module itself was just a bit better because it was already rewritten once during it's lifetime, but it still combined many functions into one big bundle.

That being one of the lessons learned, the code was modularized and is therefore more maintainable. You - as a user - should just now that

Server-side parsing

The first iteration of tools parsed the monsters straight in the Chrome extension. On the plus side, there were no additional servers needed and the network was used very sparingly. On the other hand, making changes to the parser due to misbehaving monsters always took quite some time since it requires another version of the extension and with that another Google Webstore code review - which could take a couple of days.

Instead of parsing the data directly in the extension, the HTML is submitted to a server-side parser and the result is fed back to you. This allows easier and quicker updates and an increase in parsing quality due to the usage of server-side libraries and storage capabilities.


There are so many details included in the tools that I could go on and on. I used the features I really liked about the first iteration, e.g. being able to quickly show my players an image displayed in a Journal Entry, and added other great additions to the mix like having a link to a RollTable within the Journal Entry and now including the possibility to directly roll from the Journal Entry without opening the RollTable itself. Those small quality of life improvements make the whole tool-suite appear really polished and like a grown-up version of the first iteration of tools.


The module requires the Google Chrome extension in order to received the data from D&D Beyond. Please download and add it from the Google Webstore. After adding it to your Chrome Browser, it allows you connect to your Foundry VTT server by

Follow the in-game tutorial to learn how to connect the extension to Foundry and to import your first monster. I will update the documentation to be more thorough in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience!